Service News

Here’s the latest edition of AA Service News. This special edition also contains Conference Questions 2020.

Click the link at the bottom of the post to download a PDF.


  • Concept 2 Checklist
  • Note from AA Service News Editor
  • AA Service News Email Address Announcement
  • Community Bank Accounts
  • Safeguarding Exercise, Part One
  • 20th European Service Meeting
  • Chat Now Turns Three
  • Modem-to Modem: Online Response Service
  • Telephone Service: Is It for Me?
  • AA Exhibition at Scottish Parliament
  • AA Presentation at House of Commons
  • The Magical History Tour… So Far
  • Personal Stories: Service in AA / Probation Service
  • AA Prison Service on the Costa Del Sol
  • Alternate Conference Chair Report
  • Conference 2020 Questions
  • GSB Sub-Committee Vacancies
  • Calendar of Events
  • In Memoriam
  • Tradition Seven
AA Service News – Winter 2019/20