Awareness Campaign Poster

The following work was presented at the Intergroup meeting of 18th July 2018.  Please provide your feedback on these proposals to

Awareness Campaign Posters

It was decided by the committee to create posters similar to the new ones recently released by GSO but with different images and the local information on them. The three posters below are in response to that. The taglines ‘THERE IS A WAY OUT, CALL TODAY’ and ‘IS JUST THE ONE JUST THE START’ were also considered but were felt to be too vague. The image below the three posters is a mockup of what they may look like as bus stop sized posters.

Awareness campaign poster mockup on a bus stop

Future Project

The two posters below are a work in progress for later consideration for a campaign titled, ‘Thanks AA’ or ‘ThAAnks’ which is intended to highlight the joys of recovery. They are to be considered as sketched ideas, rather than finished designs.

Business Cards

Lastly, the two images below are for consideration for new business card sized cards for use by local members and groups to pass on to others.

Feedback can be directed via GSRs ready for the next meeting.


Awareness Campaign Proposed Posters