conference questions 2018Welcome to Conference Questions 2019! Conference is the process by which AA as a whole makes recommendations on how it ought to operate. It is not some distant lofty committee making decisions. It is the dynamic and living expression of the conscience of the entire fellowship in Great Britain. Questions are discussed at Group Consciences and the GSR then submits their group’s thoughts in a report for further discussion. Reports are usually forwarded to the Region Reps and discussed at Intergroup and Region meetings and with Conference Delegates throughout the structure before being passed for final discussion at York. Individuals are also welcome to submit responses to conference questions directly to GSO or to our Region Reps at It is in this way that the conscience of the membership can be understood and heard.

Conference Questions 2019

To download a handy printable document of the questions, use the links below. Further supporting material will be posted to this page as it becomes available.

Conference Questions 2019 FULL PACKAGE (2.6 MiB)

For more about what Conference is and how it works, click here.

As last year, it is suggested that each group consider the two questions in the Committee assigned to them as shown in this document:

Conference Committees 2019 (400.7 KiB)

Groups can, of course, submit responses to any number of Questions For Conference and all responses will be considered.

Please forward your group’s responses to the Region Reps via your GSR. Alternatively, you can send your responses directly to GSO or to

Please ensure all responses are with our Intergroup’s Region Reps by  February 28th so that they can be collated and presented to the Region Assembly.

Should your group wish to do so, all direct responses must be with GSO by March 31st.

Tradition Two states that the only authority in A.A. is that which expresses itself through the Group conscience. Our leaders are but trusted servants who do not govern. This Tradition is the basic authority for all A.A. services, whether for Groups, Intergroups, Regions or for the Fellowship as a whole. The General Service Conference therefore begins with the Group conscience. It also leads back to the Group, since the Group has final responsibility not just for initiating, but for carrying into operation the decisions agreed upon by Conference. The General Service Conference is the practical means by which the Group conscience in Britain can express itself in matters that concern the Fellowship as a whole. The existence of Conference is moreover a guarantee that the Fellowship will be able to function under all conditions. It is, in effect, the successor to the founders of A.A., ensuring the continuity of the work within the framework of the Twelve Traditions. As the name implies, the Conference is primarily a service body, not a government for A.A. in Great Britain.

The AA Structure Handbook for Great Britain 2013,  p99.

Conference Questions 2019