If you think you have a problem with drinking and want to find out more please call:

If you live in the Chiltern & Thames Intergroup area, you can call:

Alternatively, you can email for help at:

To learn more about our fellowship nationally please go to our General Service Office site at:

To learn more about our fellowship worldwide please go to our World Service Office site at:

Alternatively, for any of the following services within our Intergroup area please click one of the contacts below to send an email.

Intergroup Chair

Intergroup Vice-Chair

Intergroup Secretary

Intergroup Treasurer

Employment Liaison Officer

Young Persons Liaison Officer – Position Vacant

Health Liaison Officer

Public Information Officer

Prison Liaison Officer/Probation Liaison Officer – Position Vacant

Electronic Communications Liaison Officer

Telephone Liaison Officer

Share Liaison Officer

Armed Services Liaison Officer – Position Vacant


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