If you think you have a problem with drinking and want to find out more please call

0800 9177 650

If you live in the Chiltern & Thames area you can call

01628 530055

or email


To learn more about our fellowship nationally please go to our General Service Office site at 


To learn more about our fellowship worldwide please go to our World Service Office site at 


Alternatively, for any of the following services within our Intergroup area please click one of the contacts below to send an email.

Intergroup Chair

Intergroup Vice-Chair

Intergroup Secretary

Intergroup Treasurer

Employment Liaison Officer

Young Persons Liaison Officer – Position Vacant

Health Liaison Officer

Public Information Officer

Prison Liaison Officer/Probation Liaison Officer – Position Vacant

Electronic Communications Liaison Officer

Telephone Liaison Officer

Share Liaison Officer

Armed Services Liaison Officer – Position Vacant


Region Reps