For the latest COVID-19 meeting status and online meeting information click here.
Due to the frequency of updates of meetings due to COVID-19 the opening status of all meetings will be kept up to date on the link above.

Due to the continuing situation regarding COVID-19 and the advice from official sources to practice social distancing, the latest meeting opening information will be posted here.

20th March 2020 – GSO recommends that all Groups take heed of the latest Government guidance on public gatherings and if required make alternative online arrangements for meetings. The latest updates from GSO can be found here.

As more physical meetings are suspended they are being replaced by online meetings. This table provides online meeting details using Zoom.

To access a meeting click the link if there is one, go to or hit the button below and enter the meeting ID. Then enter the password when prompted to. This allows you to join the meeting using an app on your phone or computer.

Support information and help videos can be found by clicking the button below.

DayMeetingTimeMeeting IDPassword
MondayMarlow ‘Just for Today’10.00am-11:15amMeeting Link
MondayBeaconsfield Big Book Discussion12.00pm-13.30pm124 229 098Dial in:
0203 481 5237
0203 481 5240
MondayGerrards Cross8.00pm-9.15pm963 740 137 
MondayHigh Wycombe “Bill’s Place”6.30pm-7.30pm838 619 6805
MondayWendover 8.00pm-9.00pm980 385 652
MondayPrincess Risborough8.00pm-9.15pm752 093 093
TuesdayAylesbury Ark7.30pm-8.30pm205 565 589
TuesdayBeaconsfield Tuesday8.00pm-9.00pm749 969 779
WednesdayAylesbury Keep It Simple11.30am-12.30pm616 102 202
WednesdayWindsor Wednesday Lunchtime12:00pm-1:15pmMeeting Link
WednesdayHambleden Men’s Meeting7.00pm-8.30pmContact Rod (07802 402 446), Mark (07814 646294) or Richard (07545 257838) for details
WednesdayThame*7.30pm-9.00pm 561 250 898
WednesdayBisham Wednesday Women’s7.30pm-8:45pm Meeting Link
WednesdayBourne End8.00pm-9.00pm747 358 032
WednesdaySlough Experience, Strength & Hope (S.E.S.H.)8.00pm-9.15pmMeeting Link
ThursdayMaidenhead Living Sober1pm528 471 118
ThursdayAylesbury Newcomers 8.00pm-9.15pm952 963 8421
ThursdayStudley Green & Stokenchurch Meeting6.30pm-7.30pm648 076 705 055998
ThursdayLoudwater Discussion8.00pm-9.15pm868 056 125
ThursdayAmersham8.00pm-9.00pm198 949 879
FridayCookham Friday10amMeeting Link
FridayAylesbury Bob’s Place6.30pm-7.30pm710 308 311
FridayYoung Persons Friday Night Beaconsfield7.00pm-8.00pm940 473 8257
FridayMarlow Newcomers6.30pm-7.30pmMeeting Link
FridayHigh Wycombe7.30pm-8.30pm943 981 969 
SaturdaySlough Newcomers9am768 661 214369846
SaturdayAylesbury Joys of Recovery11.00am-12.15pm891 999 633
SaturdayHigh Wycombe ‘As Bill Sees It’7.15pm-8.15pmMeeting Link
SaturdayThame Freedom Through Sobriety*7.30pm-8.30pm744 681 846
SundayChesham Sunday11.00am-12.00pm 975 409 224
SundayParmoor Meditation6.15pm-7.15pm302 938 4507
SundaySunday Aylesbury e-Meeting*7.00pm-8.15pm571 071 232
SundayBeaconsfield Step7.00pm-8.15pm208 646 267Dial in:
0203 051 2874
0203 481 5237

* Outside of Chiltern & Thames Intergroup

Some physical meetings that have been suspended are being replaced by online meetings. Where information is known it is shown in the table below.

MondayMarlow10amOnline – See above
MondayBeaconsfield Big Book Discussion12pmOnline – See above
MondayWindsor Big Book Recovery12pmSuspended
MondayHigh Wycombe “Bill’s Place”6:30pmOnline – See above
MondayGerrards Cross8pmOnline – See above
MondayWendover8pmOnline – See above
MondayPrinces Risborough8pmOnline – See above
TuesdaySlough Tuesday Lunchtime1pmSuspended
TuesdayBeaconsfield Newcomers6:30pmSuspended
TuesdayBeaconsfield Tuesday8:00pmOnline – See above
TuesdaySlough Tuesday 12&12 Step7:30pmSuspended
TuesdayAylesbury Stoke Mandeville Big Book Experience7:30pmOnline – See above
WednesdayAylesbury Lunchtime ‘Keep It Simple’11:30pmOnline – See above
WednesdayWindsor Wednesday Lunchtime12pmOnline – See above
WednesdayAmersham Wednesday Discussion12:30pmSuspended
WednesdayPrestwood ‘As Bill Sees It’7pmSuspended
WednesdayHambleden Men’s Meeting7pmOnline – See above
WednesdayBisham Wednesday Women’s7:30pmOnline – See above
WednesdayCookham ‘As Bill Sees It’7:30pmSuspended
WednesdayBourne End8pmOnline – See above
WednesdayMaidenhead Big Book Discussion8pmSuspended
WednesdaySlough Experience, Strength & Hope (S.E.S.H.)8pmOnline – See above
ThursdayMaidenhead Living Sober1pmOnline – See above
ThursdayStudley Green & Stokenchurch Meeting6:30pmOnline – See above
ThursdayAmersham8pmOnline – See above
ThursdayAylesbury Newcomers Thursday8pmOnline – See above
ThursdayLoudwater Discussion8pmOnline – See above
ThursdaySlough Big Book Primary Purpose8pmSuspended
FridayCookham Friday10amOnline – See above
FridayDownley Lunchtime Living Sober12pmSuspended
FridayAylesbury Bob’s Place 6:30pmOnline – See above
FridayMarlow Newcomers6:30pmOnline – See above
FridayYoung Persons Friday Night Beaconsfield7pmOnline – See above
FridayHigh Wycombe7:30pmOnline – See above
FridayMaidenhead Friday 8pmSuspended
SaturdaySlough Newcomers9amOnline – See above
SaturdayAylesbury Joys of Recovery11amOnline – See above
SaturdayHigh Wycombe ‘Road to Recovery’1pmSuspended
SaturdaySlough Daily Reflections7:15pmSuspended
SaturdayHigh Wycombe ‘As Bill Sees It’7:15pmOnline – See above
SundaySlough Newcomers10:30amSuspended
SundayChesham Sunday10:30amOnline – See above
SundayParmoor Spiritual Meeting5pmOpen
SundayParmoor Meditation6:15pmOnline – See above
SundayBeaconsfield Step7pmOnline – See above

COVID-19 Up to Date Meeting Status and Online Meeting Links