ipad-718411_1280With two years of posts gone by it’s time to relaunch our ‘Discover AA’ series.

There’s an enormous amount of AA literature available and the idea of reading it all can seem a little overwhelming. With that in mind this series of posts called ‘Discover AA’ is designed to help you make a great beginning. On the first of each month, a different leaflet or short piece of AA literature will be suggested that you might like to consider reading. That way you can follow a gentle reading plan (should you wish) that’ll help you to improve your knowledge.

This month we highlight the leaflet The AA Group. It contains useful suggestions and ideas on how an AA group might like to run as well as thoughts on how the Twelve Traditions may be applied and how to run a group conscience meeting.

Click the link below to download the pamphlet and start reading.

The AA Group (1.2 MiB)


Discover AA – August 2017 – The AA Group Pamphlet
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