Questions & Answers on Sponsorship

This post continues our ‘Discover AA’ series. Each month a leaflet, article or short piece of literature is suggested that you might like to consider reading.

This month we take a look at the World Service Office pamphlet – Questions and Answers on Sponsorship. While this pamphlet may be aimed at the beginner, it’s been equally helpful to those considering sponsoring others.

As each of us begins our journey in Alcoholics Anonymous, we inevitably come across the topic of sponsorship. How should a sponsor be chosen? Is it ever too late to get a sponsor? What does a sponsor do and not do? Can any member be a sponsor? This pamphlet takes aim at all these questions.

Click here to go to the article where you can read it online or download a PDF.


Discover AA – March 2018 – Questions and Answers on Sponsorship
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