Some groups are opening for face-to-face meetings again. Each meeting is responsible for it’s own procedures for re-opening so it is advisable to contact the meeting if you want to check these before attending.

The meetings that are currently face-to-face are in the meeting directory and shown as open but without the online link.

Quick links for open meetings:

Marlow Monday ‘Just for Today’ 10am – combined on line and physical

Cippenham Monday 8pm

Beaconsfield Tuesday 8pm

Loudwater Discussion Thursday 8pm

Amersham Thursday 8pm – hybrid online and physical

Young Persons Friday Night Beaconsfield 7pm – hybrid online and physical

Marlow Friday 8pm

Parmoor Sunday Step 3 and 11 Meditation Meeting 6:15pm – to be held at Hambledon Village Hall for September from 16th August.

Face to Face Meetings