GSR website tasksThe following tasks ought to be completed by every GSR in our Intergroup on becoming a GSR.

1.    Notify ECLO of your appointment

The outgoing GSR should email ECLO at notifying Intergroup of your appointment with the email that you want to use for Integroup communications. All information from Intergroup will be sent to this email address. If you want to set up a separate email for this then you can use services such as Google, Microsoft of Apple to create one. 

Each meeting has its own email address. For example, When you become GSR all emails sent to the meeting email address will be forwarded to the email address you have registered with Intergroup. The meeting email address is not an Inbox and the emails that are sent are not stored. You cannot send emails via this email address – only receive.

2.    Submit Meeting Information

Your meeting information can be found on the website in the Meetings Directory. If any of this information is incorrect use the form below to submit any changes. Once the changes have been made you will be notified by ECLO and can verify the information on your meetings page.

This information is also used to update the Where to Find information. If any information is incorrect in the Where to Find leaflets, use this form to make changes.

Click here to update your meeting information.  (opens in new window)

This information is also sent to GSO to update the national website. It is the responsibility of the GSR to verify that the meeting information is correct for their group. If the information on the national website, updates can be made directly using the online pink form here.


3.    Submit a Twelve Step List

The 12-Step list is a list of those members who are willing and able to follow up on calls made to the telephone service by calling, visiting and accompanying newcomers to their first meeting.

This information will be used to by Intergroup to update our internal records and supplied to telephone responders to enable them to get one of these members to call the caller back.

Please complete this process periodically to ensure that the information remains up-to-date.

Please complete all the fields that you have information for.

Click here to submit a Twelve Step List. (opens in new window)

4.    Promote the Website at your Meetings

Take some time to familiarise yourself with the website, there’s a good deal of content that you may find useful and informative.

You are also encouraged to suggest that people join the mailing list, this a great way for members to stay informed about AA in our local area and beyond.

As always, the ECLO is here to serve and is willing to assist you wherever possible. Feedback is also very welcome. Just send an email to

5. Website Access

Some areas of this website are restricted to GSRs and Officers. If you wish to have access to these areas email to request access – stating the reason for access and the areas required