There are currently a number of Intergroup vacancies. If you’d be interested in any of these positions please contact There are six Intergroup meetings a year which you would be asked to attend. The suggested minimum sobriety for Intergroup roles is two years. Support will be given to guide you into any position.

Growing into Service (from the pamphlet ‘Growing into Service’)

Alcoholics Anonymous is more than a set of principles; it is a Fellowship of alcoholics in action. Service is at the centre of every AA concept and activity. It is as fundamental to AA as abstinence is to sobriety. Without this giving of oneself to another, there would be no Fellowship. This desire to serve improves recovery.

As newcomers, we see people giving time, energy and love in the service of the Fellowship, and it is suggested that we too should become involved. Those of us who have done this will tell you of the enormous benefits we have received by willingly stepping into service.  A great paradox of AA is that rewards come when we begin to forget ourselves.

More information about each role can be found in the Service and Structure Handbooks for Great Britain. You can download copies of these completely free of charge by clicking the links below.


  • Intergroup Officers should have a good working knowledge of the following AA publications: Alcoholics Anonymous, The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, AA Comes of Age, the latest edition of The AA Structure and Service Handbooks for Great Britain, The AA Service Manual.
  • They should have good knowledge of the structure of AA.
  • Suggested sobriety varies based on the role.
  • Most groups make sure that their officers have had a known period of continuous sobriety, at least one year, and have shown themselves willing and available to give dependable service through regular attendance at meetings. It has generally been found that giving a member a
    job solely to help that member stay sober does not work. The group’s welfare is of primary concern in choosing officers and in this sense, a mention of Traditions 1 and 2 is helpful at election times as is also an appreciation that familiarity with the 12 Steps, Traditions and Concepts for World Service helps officers to do a better job.

AA Service Handbook For Great Britain 2013 (1.4 MiB)

AA Structure Handbook For Great Britain 2013 (2.5 MiB)

Electronic Communications Liaison Officer

The principal role of the ECLO is one of liaison, communication and co-ordination between groups, intergroup, region, and the Electronics Communications Sub-Committee (ECSC) – and to facilitate correlation and dissemination of relevant information between these principal service areas. Therefore a good understanding of the Traditions and Service and Structure Handbooks is more important to the role than technical knowledge. A minimum of three years’ sobriety is recommended, and a general competence with the use of computers. Further information on ‘ECLO’ can be found in chapter three of the AA Service Handbook for Great Britain, p. 35.