The Probation Liaison Officer role is now open again for nominations as of November after three years’ service I will be rotating out.

This is a very rewarding service position; directly contacting and helping potential members of AA at a very low point of their lives – where the consequences of their drinking has culminated with them being within the probation system. It works….

The role requires a level of time flexibility for meeting both professionals within the Criminal Service area occasionally during working hours – and either facilitating or organising to have a fellow attend a face-to-face meeting at the Probation Offices in Aylesbury, High Wycombe and Slough.

Three years of continuous sobriety is recommended.

I’m very happy to talk through the role with anyone interested in taking it on and will fully 12-Step you into the role.

Please follow this link and download the AA Service Handbook to discover more about the role.

It’s a further chance to support the still suffering Alcoholic in a direct and meaningful way!

Yours in fellowship,

Chiltern & Thames IG
Probation Liaison Officer

Probation Liaison Officer
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