Share-Magazine-630x210I have been asked to pass on the following in order to highlight the need for groups to support AA’s Share Magazine. If the magazine is not supported, it will be in danger of closing down which would be a real shame.

Everyone can help.  It was suggested at the recent Intergroup meeting that each group in a position to do so (i.e. that sends surplus contributions to Intergroup) allocate £12.00 of these contributions to a yearly subscription to Share.

It really is a cracking read and a good way for newcomers to get a feel for what AA is all about, each copy can be lent or sold, they’re only a pound each.

Please help support AA’s own magazine by:-

  1. Printing the flyer attached below
  2. Making it available at your meeting
  3. Submitting a monthly subscription for your group using the instructions on the flyer or at link

Share Magazine Flyer (36.2 KiB)

Share Magazine Needs Support
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